Molten Chocolate Crush Topped with Açai Berries

Bruised lungs, cracked skull, battered heart and tortured soul – ooh – the first sign of love.

Hypnotized. Sleep deprived. Filled to the brim with emotions.

Devour the heart. Sip on the soul. And keep that porcelain body warm all night long.

Stream sunlight into the darkest corners of the mind and illuminate sinful thoughts of a man with a permanent frown.

Nourish the roots, reap the harvest and protect the flowers that blossom with forgiveness.

Welcome the flaws, eschew insecurities, and fight for the rights to love unconditionally.

Strange and addictive – these feelings are raw, overpowering and completely unrealistic.

Serenade to the ears that will gladly listen to the lies from a lustful mouth.

Don’t fight the current, cave into the passion, follow the heart that never stops beating.

Throw in a life saver for this heart is drowning in a vast ocean of love.

Molten Chocolate Crush Topped with Açai Berries



Burning up from the fever that your stare supplies,
I look away, averting the gleam in your dark eyes.
Your stare gently grazes the soft curves of my face,
As you stand across from me and smile.

I flush.

Your stare is intrusive and your smile is wily.
I sneak a peek at your body – broad shoulders, strong arms and toned tummy.
The way the fabric of your shirt stretches across your chest turns me on.
I wonder what it’d feel like to be in your arms.
Your hand is scarred, yet it’s attractive.

Your lips are sweet, yet dangerously captive.
Your voice is deep – a soothing lullaby to my romantic ears.
My mind is racing like a Grand Prix!
I wish you’d kiss me, ignite my fantasies.
I wish you’d hold me, envelop my body with your sexuality.
I wish you’d stop teasing,
Because I’m losing self-control and I wish you’d just ask me.

I’d cave in with a passionate yes!