Dear Cookie

Silence unraveled between us like an old, itchy blanket,
And the distance between California and Maryland grew wider than the Pacific Ocean.
I still remember the night I last saw you – the look on your face I’ll never forget.
Your eyes were distant and filled with eternal sorrow,
And when you spoke, your voice trembled with inexplicable pain.

The memories our hearts exchanged have faded,
And I buried the remnants in the darkest corner of my mind.
Sometimes those memories crawl out of the shadows
And haunt me in the middle of the night.

You left, but fragments of you are scattered all across L.A.
This city reeks of you – sometimes it’s even difficult to bear.
There is no place within this city that doesn’t scream of you to me.

You fled my side, left in the night, to fight the demons in your mind.
I do not blame you for departing,
I’m only puzzled by your absence in my life.

Why have you severed all ties with me?

Dear Cookie

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