We parted ways. Forever.

Your leaving sliced through my inner peace, robbed my lungs of the cool, crisp air they desperately needed when the lethal words reached my ears, and vanquished the last sliver of happiness and joy in my heart. You were ripped away from the golden sunlight, the green mountaintops and the turbulent seas, only to be hidden six feet under, in a cold, wet ground.

You were infected, I remember. Your mind had been poisoned and in return, your body grew sick and frail.

And while I stood amidst the sea of burning candles, intoxicated by an overwhelming sense of guilt and sorrow, I begged the celestial figures above to send you back. The selfish, lonely side of my bleeding heart yearned to catch a glimpse of your warm, sympathetic smile again. Denial stayed by my side for a few weeks, like a loyal dog, and even accompanied my shattered soul to bed every night.

And, although you were near my pillow, you never entered my dreams.

Come, wish me farewell in my sleep, restore a fragment of serenity back into my troubled mind and then, embark on a heavenly journey to your new abode. I beg you not to leave my heart hanging by a thread, above the shards of hopelessness and gloom. Accept my sincere invitation and visit me one last time.

I shall wait for you among a sea of wild flowers. There, I will hold your hand. There, I will kiss your cheek. There, I will tell you I love you.


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