Kiss Me, Please

I am stumbling, tumbling and begging for a chance to call you mine.

The admiration you have for the heavenly light in my cornflower-blue eyes strips away the uncertainty I feel whenever you come near. The words you breathe feel like silk against my skin, and I relish the warmth that ignites in the pit of my stomach and pools into my toes and fingertips. Reach out, let the tip of your hands graze the curves of my body and let your lips cherish every sliver of my flesh.

Fall into my ocean of turquoise love, submerge your strapping body in the deep, warm water and let my heart steer your golden soul to a place where only you and I would know. Grant me a passage to your beautiful mind, embark on a celestial journey with me and let our limbs intertwine like serpents in the warm, spring sunlight.

Burn your lips against mine, and set your heart on fire.

Kiss Me, Please

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