The Bittersweet Scent of Betrayal

I was hoping your lips would tell me something different – lies, that’s all you can spew.
My dear ex-friend, you spoon-fed me so many lies that my stomach is riddled with deception.
For you I cried an ocean of crystal tears,
For you I waged a war against those whom I loved with every fiber of my being.
For you I would have crossed lava barefoot, for you I would have plunged into a bottomless pit and for you I would have made a pact with Hades to rid your beautiful mind of filth.

My dear ex-friend, how could you lie to me?
Who gave you the right to reign over my heart and bring me down on my knees?
I trusted you with secrets that no one else knew.
How could you betray me? How dare you make a fool out of me?

All I wanted was honesty but instead, you fed me deceit.
Often times you would look me in the eye, smile charmingly, and lie.
Lie! Lie! Lie!
I was foolish to believe that your heart was pure and your intentions were sincere.
I was foolish to believe that you were different, modest and unique.
I placed you on a pedestal and praised your wit to the stars above.
I feigned ignorance and turned a blind eye on all of the warning signs.

I trusted you, I really did.
But, you stabbed me in the back and abandon me.

Our so-called friendship was nothing but a game to you.
You took pleasure in wreaking havoc, twisting thoughts and spreading vicious lies.
And in the end, you killed me.
Yes, you took away my life.

My dear ex-friend, let’s be honest. Here. And now.
What possessed you to torture my heart, butcher my soul and poison my mind?
What have I done to deserve such cruelty, apathy and loathing?
Did I offend you? Betray you? Cause bitter taste in your mouth?
Did my happiness disgust you? Did my sorrow bring you joy?

My dear ex-friend, I am no longer angry, upset or confused.
I learned to forgive, even though it was one of the hardest things I had to do.
The admiration, love and respect I had for you have long disappeared.
And in all honesty, I simply pity you.
Your conniving, deceitful ways are a reflection of your own bitterness, anger and hate.
You’re pathetic, simple as that.
And one day, the tables will be turned and you’ll be the pawn in your own filthy game.

My dear ex-friend, you reap what you sow.
Remember that.

The Bittersweet Scent of Betrayal

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