Pretty Thoughts

The air is poisoned with exhaust fumes that drift from the nearby cars, the foul stench of greasy fries and burgers and endless honking and yelling. Elsa stands still, surrounded by the tall skyscrapers, and consumed by the sea of faceless strangers that dart back and forth across the intersection with their fingers wrapped around their coffee cups and their ears glued to their phones.

The heat escapes the asphalt road and the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles become a magical blur.

Her long, strawberry-blonde hair is pleated into a loose braid; strands of it flutter in the summer breeze and gently kiss the tip of her nose and forehead. The skirt of her blue, cotton dress flaps from side to side, like a flag.

Her cornflower-blue eyes linger on the rueful expression on his face; his green eyes are filled with regret. He quietly turns away and leaves her standing alone. Tears stream down her face as she watches him leave to fight the demons inside of his head. Her heart is filled with sorrow and her soul is burned to ash, but she patiently waits for him to return. So they could be together, again.

Liam woke up with a start, the sound of his heart ringing inside of his ears. He quickly sat up on his makeshift sofa and glanced around the empty apartment. The unbearable heat seeped through the open windows, rustling the broken and stained blinds, and the faint sound of a siren resonated in the distance.

“Elsa…” he said, his voice barely a whisper when he realized he had only been dreaming.

The sky – a fine, silk fabric of midnight blue – unraveled for miles and shimmered with diamond stars that paved a celestial path towards an ivory moon. Dark, turbulent waves rolled in from the infinite distance and crashed against the wooden pillars of the deserted pier. Liam leaned his elbows against the tarnished railing and gazed intently into the murky water below. His eyes were distant and she wondered about the thoughts that waltzed through his head.

The orange glow, oozing from the nearby streetlamp, illuminated his firm angular jaw and kissed the faint scar that stretched across his left cheek.

She reached out and traced the faint, discolored mark that scarred his sun-kissed face. His skin, rough and unshaven, burned under her fingertips. Inexplicable warmth rushed through her veins, dripped into the pit of her stomach, and gripped her heart with carnal desire.

Their eyes locked in a soul-snatching, heart-robbing, till-death-do-us-part-kind-0f-a-stare.

Liam took hold of her hand and gently kissed it. A slow, shuddery breath escaped her bee-stung lips when his lips brushed against her skin.

She parted her lips, thirsty for his desire. He leaned forward, perfuming the intimate gap with his exotic aftershave, and delicately skimmed his lips against her chin. Her heart raced like a cheetah and she gave an involuntary shiver at the thought of his —

Her eyelids fluttered open at the sound of an incoming text message. She glanced around the dark, empty apartment and cast a doleful glance at the rain that peppered her tall windows.

“Liam…” she said, her voice barely a whisper when she realized that she had only been dreaming.

Pride and stubbornness keeps these lovers apart. Their parting was bittersweet and despite the pain this distance had caused, neither one had decided to break the foolish silence.

Pretty Thoughts

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