Dear Audrey,


Don’t shed another tear for him. You have been fooled from the very beginning. He was never meant to be yours. You didn’t share the same dream. It was just a figment of your silly imagination.

Love, Audrey, is a parasite that weaseled into the core of your being and clouded your judgment with lust, recklessness and obsession. It robbed your body of the heart and soul, and filled the gaping hole with emptiness.

He never loved you, my dear girl. His interest had been the soft curves of your body. His intentions were only to massacre your soft flesh, to rip your limbs apart until every sliver of your innocence bled.

Run Audrey, outrun these shameful memories – run as fast as a wild beast – do not fall prey to this powerful, suicidal feeling again. Do not let him rape your heart and penetrate your soul for the second time. Hide the pain. Hide the shame. You lost the battle, don’t try to retaliate. Accept defeat, you fool – suffocate your pride and drown your dignity – continue to live a safe existence, devoid of fairytales and happy endings.

The countless nights you’ve dedicated to his sensual desires should be repressed – burned to ashes – and replaced with pain that runs through your veins right now. The taste of venom he left on your lips should never be engraved upon your beating heart. The sinful memories of the unbridled passion he had bestowed upon your fragile body should be forgotten.

Remember the tears. Remember his deception. Protect your heart. Do not accept the poison for the second time. Do not fall in love again.






Dear Audrey,

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