Author’s Note

A few moons ago I started a blog and surprisingly it gathered a handful of followers. I bubbled with excitement every time I’d receive a positive comment and in many selfless ways, I wanted to cater to my readers. I wanted to share my stories in hopes that they would somehow mend broken hearts, inspire listless minds and instill confidence – perhaps even trigger chuckles and giggles.

Unfortunately, one unbearably hot summer night drove a stake through my blog and killed it. Instead of battling the thunderous sea of emotions I felt towards the anger that simmered inside of my heart, I caved into the demons that danced inside of my mind and buried the blog without so much as an adieu to my fellow readers. I regretted that decision ever since. For I have deprived my rebellious mind of the only creative outlet that fueled my body with happiness, and instead chose to spend countless of nights sitting inside a dark, empty apartment with only hateful words on my tongue and bitter tears in my eyes.

Fortunately, I prevailed and gathered the strength to get up off my knees and walk away from those that caused me pain. Unfortunately, my little monster was dead and I couldn’t revive it.

After much contemplation and strategic planning – yes, a lot of thought had been injected into this idea – and outrageous intake of black coffee on daily basis, I have decided to breathe life into my new monster. I hope it morphs into the kind of a pest that I have in mind and makes me a proud mama.

Before I embark on this wonderful and chaotic journey, and pour my heart and soul across these web pages, I’d like to give you a fair warning.

I’m a human being. Please don’t forget that.

The intentions behind this blog is to challenge, inspire, instill and enlighten – not to spew hatred.

When sharing a sliver of yourself online, you’re bound to face harsh criticism and in order to protect my inner peace, I have decided to write about fictional characters and feelings. The feelings are my own – love, anger, apathy and sorrow – but the characters are just a figment of my imagination. This way, I express myself without being vulnerable.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and hopefully we’ll embark on this wonderful journey together!

Author’s Note

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